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What Is Real Natural Seduction...?

The idea of “natural game” is often misunderstood and mythologized.

The seduction community has produced every kind of “game” you can imagine. (By “game”, I mean a particular style of approaching, attracting and seducing beautiful women. Hence the term “he’s got game”.)

The original ‘pickup artists‘ or ‘PUAs’, who founded the seduction community as a distinct men’s movement, ran mostly what is known as indirect game.

Indirect game basically means that when you talk to a woman, you avoid expressing outright interest in her too early on. Instead, you use scripted openers, routines, techniques and gambits to pique her interest, all the while meticulously concealing the fact that you’d actually really, really like to fuck her.

This approach is meant to disarm a hot girl’s trigger-happy “bitch shield”, which she reflexively puts up because so many lame guys come up to her on a daily basis and basically go all Chris Rock on her, e.g. “…want some dick?” So this approach allows a guy to “sneak in under the radar”.

The problem is…an indirect approach to seduction can easily land you in a category other than the one you really want, which is “lover”. If you don’t express your desire for a woman at some point soon relatively early on, you run the risk of being pegged as an entertaining but somewhat asexual guy.

Maybe that’s good to avoid outright rejection (which I believe is the fear that drives this indirect behavior 9 times out of 10). But it’s bad for your penis.

You may amuse a cute girl (good for you) but she’s unlikely to view you as a serious sexual prospect. Because realistically, she knows (she really, really does!) why you’re in front of her. And if you present yourself as a dancing clown with no raw sexual desire, and no courage to express it directly, she’ll simply view you as a harmless albeit amusing wussy.

The other failing of indirect pickup is that it doesn’t have an empowering effect on you as a man. It actually shrinks you in your own eyes when you beat around the bush and avoid expressing your true intentions.

Speaking from experience, I feel a million times better about myself when I wear my true, sexual, authentic self on my sleeve at all times.

Masculinity, sexuality, desire…these are all perfectly natural and beautiful things that we as men should refuse to apologize for, despite the prevailing cultural forces that demand we do so. And the irony is that even while most guys strive to hide their true nature, it’s what attracts women to men in the first place!

Of course, it isn’t always effective to come up to a girl in say, a grocery store, and tell her you want to fuck her just like that. There’s nothing wrong going indirect in this kind of situation, where you can make an off-handed comment about something in the environment.

But in truth, whatever excuse you have to start a conversation is actually pretty irrelevant as long as you’re channeling sexual intent and it’s clearly coming through in your body language. You can be chatting up a girl about the most mundane of things but your eyes and body are making your desires unmistakably clear. And women are very savvy with these non-verbal communication channels; much more so than most men (but not you, my friend, you’re getting this handled!

How Does Natural Seduction Differ From Other Styles Of Seduction...?

...and is there really such a thing as “natural” seducer? I mean, doesn’t ‘a natural’ learn everything? Yes, he does.

So in truth, there’s no such thing as a natural, who was just born knowing how to interact seductively with women. He learned every last bit. And equally vital, is that he UNlearned a lot of the crap that society filled his brain with from an early age.

So natural seduction really just means a return. A return to the natural way that men and women interact once you peel off all the layers of socialization, acculturation, upbringing, religion, ‘education’, etc. So that the result is: you and a woman, standing nakedly and starkly before each other and honestly exploring if a connection between you two exists.

The “real” component of real natural seduction is about your intention. If you can be utterly truthful with yourself and with others, then you are being real. If you can find the courage to take off your social masks and be who you’re meant to be, then you can leave behind the false, the contrived, the painted-on. And you can embrace the authentic, the true, the real, the beautiful.

So the “real” part really just refers to the casting off of masks and pretenses, and the courageous embrace of your true, seductive nature. I believe that existence is infinitely intelligent. And it has already given us men and women ALL of the resources and technology we need to connect and seduce each other and live lives of magical trysts and indescribable romances.

This is a reality that only a tiny fraction of men and women in the world call their life. Because only a small percentage of people are willing and brave enough to awaken. To shake off the crusty, ugly layers and return to the real, the natural, the inherently seductive with which they arrived to this Earth.

So this is my mission: to help you connect with women in a way that you may have thought was only possible in movies. To help you reclaim your manhood and come into a profound alignment with existence. To wake up every day and feel that the world is just overflowing with gorgeous girls put there for you to have great love affairs with.

Welcome to Real Natural Seduction.

Vincent Vinturi

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